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Make your corporate event Zero Carbon.

We at Green Carbon can help you offset the impact generated by your event.

Why offset the impact of corporate events?

Corporate events play a vital role in the life of companies, but they leave a mark on nature. The high energy consumption, transportation, waste generation, and other elements that typically make up an event contribute significantly to Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Offsetting the impact not only strengthens the connection with the “E” in ESG but also creates awareness among participants and sends an important message about the sustainability of the planet.

Environmental Responsibility

Offsetting carbon shows that you are taking responsibility for the emissions generated by your event and taking steps to minimize your environmental impact.


By offsetting carbon, you contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy and support sustainable practices. This can help promote a positive image of your brand or company, demonstrating your commitment to the environment.

Awareness and Education

By offsetting the carbon from your events, you can also raise awareness among attendees about the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and combating climate change. This can encourage greater individual engagement and action on behalf of the environment.

Competitive advantages

of Green Carbon's initiatives

Trees with up to 5 times more carbon sequestration power.

Licensing of trees in the active phase of sequestration.

Limited tree reserve.

Permanent management with FSC certification.

Market communication support*.

Educational Program*.

*Availability and materials included upon consultation. Please check availability and conditions for your region.

Green Carbon University

A truly sustainable future starts with awareness. Green Carbon University offers short-term training courses focused on climate change.

Warranties and

5x more
sequestration power

Life cycle and
permanent management

How to make my
company's GHG inventory

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