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Choose the most suitable solution to drive your company’s climate sustainability initiatives.


Why invest in curbing climate change?

Climate change has been impacting the planet, jeopardizing our way of life, the survival of numerous species, including humans, and, of course, the continuity of businesses. The topic is gaining increasing attention in the media and public awareness.


Climate change could push an additional 100 million people into poverty by 2030**.


7 out of 10 consumers* are inclined to purchase more sustainable products and services.


73% of respondents believe that sustainable companies are more attractive for talent retention and attraction.


This sends an important signal to boost confidence and attract investors.

Sources: *Capterra **UN

How many tons of CO² would your
company like to offset?

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Need help defining how much carbon your company should offset? Click here


Customized programs

Incorporate our initiatives into a customized climate sustainability program tailored to your company’s name and branding, with the Green Carbon endorsement. Along with tree planting, you can provide your own branded educational environment to promote the best practices of climate sustainability.

Competitive advantages

of Green Carbon's initiatives

Trees with up to 5 times more carbon sequestration power.

Licensing of trees in the active phase of sequestration.

Limited tree reserve.

Permanent management with FSC certification.

Market communication support*.

Educational Program*.

*Availability and materials included upon consultation. Please check availability and conditions for your region.

Green Carbon University

A truly sustainable future starts with awareness. Green Carbon University offers short-term training courses focused on climate change.

Warranties and

5x more
sequestration power

Life cycle and
permanent management

How to make my
company's GHG inventory

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