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5 times more carbon
sequestration power

Within Green Carbon’s 10 forest management units, located in 7 different areas, are reforestation zones where we plant Elliottii and Taeda pine trees.

The careful selection of seedlings, coupled with permanent and proper management, as well as the unique altitude and climate conditions of the Santa Catarina mountain region, resulting in trees with extended branches, thicker trunks, and a high capacity for carbon absorption.

If compared to other native species, such as those found in the Atlantic Forest, Green Carbon trees sequester 5 times more carbon in the same lifespan.

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Customized programs

Incorporate our initiatives into a customized climate sustainability program tailored to your company’s name and branding, with the Green Carbon endorsement. Along with tree planting, you can provide your own branded educational environment to promote the best practices of climate sustainability.

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